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It's Easy to Sleep When You're Dead - SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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It's Easy to Sleep When You're Dead [Sep. 23rd, 2006|07:04 pm]
[Current Mood |jumptastic]
[Current Music |of montreal]

don't you ever think about the things you didn't do in a given day? ok, think about it like positive and negative space. we usually just reflect on the things we did (positive space...), but i'm proposing to think instead of the things you didn't do (negative space...). so, for example, i could be thinking right now: wow, today i sat down a lot and i'm feeling kind of lethargic and i really don't like this diet coke that i'm drinking. but i could also be thinking: ok, so today i didn't get dumped by my non-existent girlfriend, and i didn't get hit by an oncoming train. i didn't lose all my money to booze and gambling, and i didn't contract a sexually transmitted disease from a lonely prostitute! i didn't break my front teeth, and i didn't accidentally kill all of my friends by accidentally burning down the house that they were all sitting in as i was leaving. which one sounds better, more fun? i think the latter, but that's up to you. negative space.
a while ago i was thinking about how it isn't ironic that i think that the most beautiful phrase in the english language isn't "cellar door" but "recovering alcoholic". doesn't that just sound nice? it bothers me that anyone would doubt the sincerity of this statement, and also, what's not beautiful about someone recovering from alcoholism? or any disease for that matter? i've been thinking about this a lot, and i'm happy i've finally written it down, or typed it out, or whatever this is.
i get it now