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WTF [Mar. 1st, 2007|10:55 pm]
no, i can't do this right now, but i was just reading my friends' livejournal posts from the past few weeks and i feel like updating, but i can't do it now because i want to go to sleep.
i don't do anything with myself anymore.
today i was reading this book of illustrated beatles songs. there was an illustration of the song "i want you". it was pretty bad, but it made me realize how much i love that song and then when reading anna's post about the beatles i realized how much i love them and that...um...i agree with anna.
ok, i'm out of practice with this, so be kind. i think i'll do this more often now. do i say that every time?


p.s. my parents are watching "the departed" in the next room, and it's like i'm watching it all over again, except not seeing anything, just hearing everything. it's not as good this way.
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It's Easy to Sleep When You're Dead [Sep. 23rd, 2006|07:04 pm]
[Current Mood |jumptastic]
[Current Music |of montreal]

don't you ever think about the things you didn't do in a given day? ok, think about it like positive and negative space. we usually just reflect on the things we did (positive space...), but i'm proposing to think instead of the things you didn't do (negative space...). so, for example, i could be thinking right now: wow, today i sat down a lot and i'm feeling kind of lethargic and i really don't like this diet coke that i'm drinking. but i could also be thinking: ok, so today i didn't get dumped by my non-existent girlfriend, and i didn't get hit by an oncoming train. i didn't lose all my money to booze and gambling, and i didn't contract a sexually transmitted disease from a lonely prostitute! i didn't break my front teeth, and i didn't accidentally kill all of my friends by accidentally burning down the house that they were all sitting in as i was leaving. which one sounds better, more fun? i think the latter, but that's up to you. negative space.
a while ago i was thinking about how it isn't ironic that i think that the most beautiful phrase in the english language isn't "cellar door" but "recovering alcoholic". doesn't that just sound nice? it bothers me that anyone would doubt the sincerity of this statement, and also, what's not beautiful about someone recovering from alcoholism? or any disease for that matter? i've been thinking about this a lot, and i'm happy i've finally written it down, or typed it out, or whatever this is.
i get it now

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Sure, O.K. [Sep. 2nd, 2006|07:33 am]
[Current Mood |groggythis is pretty accurate]
[Current Music |only skin - joanna newsom]

i don't think my leg has ever been this asleep in my life. i'm very much awake right now, yet i "went to sleep" a little over an hour ago, blaming my horrible jet-lag for my entire lack of any concept of time whatsoever. i'm working with the full 12 hours against me, so even attempting to go straight back to a normal sleep schedule would be wishful thinking. so, as it goes, thursday night i went to sleep at 5am and woke up at 4:30pm and last night i went to sleep at 5:30am and woke up at...7am? whatever, maybe i'll sleep later. who needs sleep? the weak, that's who.
china was a great time, pictures are here and here. my brain is too fried to write down much of anything about the trip, and when i try to start, it feels pointless because i'm never going to be able to tell it all. it was no doubt a fantastic time, and i'd love to tell you about it in person.
i finally got found the new joanna newsom album, "Ys", and it's fantastic. it only has 5 songs, but each of which are around 10 minutes long. she has a full string section this time, and the arrangements were written by van dyke parks (of SMiLE notoriety). (it was also produced by jim o'rourke, who mixed yankee hotel foxtrot and produced a ghost is born) i'm getting pretty into it so far, and i can't wait to become more familiar with it. and i mean, come on, look at the album cover. she's my elven bride.
i think it's clear by the lack of having anything interesting to say that i'm just writing now to do something with my hands, and not because...i have anything interesting to say. maybe i'll write more later when i feel more creative or smart or something.

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Positivity Before China! [Aug. 18th, 2006|12:40 am]
[Current Mood |energeticmy hands are falling apart!]
[Current Music |danielson]

it feels trashy posting things in various places around the internet, but this one's just for you.
i'm going to china tomorrow until the beginning of september, which is definitely exciting. new experiences are the best of all, so to all of you--love them all equally!

a few things before i shut my eyes:
i love everyone in this world, and that means you!
i'll be back so soon, and if you're gone when i get back, i'll see you very soon! forever doesn't exist; we'll be back together in no time at all. be nice to those around you, because they are all that matter. make the best of every situation, because that's what life is all about! know that i/he/she/they/we care very much about you and your well-being and that people are good at their core! love every day! smile!
be jolly, be good, live well, hug often,

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Rockin' Chair Reds [Aug. 1st, 2006|12:44 pm]
[Current Mood |geekydrinks anyone?]
[Current Music |animal collective]

my dad just said "tomorrow's going to be an unbelievably oppressive day." he was referring to the weather, but what if he wasn't? what if he foresaw that on august 2nd, 2006, people would turn on each other, putting those below them in cages and boxes and making them wash their clothing? that'd be the day.
i'm in truro right now, sitting on the deck and eating a tomato sandwich. no i'm not, but i thought that that sounded summery. well, i am in truro, and i am rocking, but i'm not eating tomatoes. whatever. it's almost the end of another summer, but i've come to accept this in many ways. way #1: summer is very hot, and there are lots of mosquitoes. there are no mosquitoes in the winter. way #2: because it is summer, that means that school has not started. when school starts, that means that i'm almost done with high school, which is exciting. way #3: summer means that people are busy and have jobs. during the winter everyone just sleeps in my room and makes hot chocolate, right??? way #4: at the end of the summer, people go off to college, school, life, etc. that means a new journey. and who doesn't love a journey!? way #5: during the summer, i am a werewolf. i can't wait to get my regular life back again!
the last week felt like a year, but not because anything particularly exciting happened. my life is void of "drama" and i intend to keep it that way. i would knock on wood, but everything around me is made of fake wood to protect against the rain. anyways, time moves in mysterious ways, like a little woodland creature prancing along the underbrush.
saying goodbye to people doesn't really make much sense; do people ever really go away? it takes too long and it takes too much out of me and i don't like it. i'd just rather give a universal hug and send people on their way with a smile and not with dumb tears. blah blah blah
see? if you give me enough time alone i start to think crazy things and write them on the internet.

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Up Early Cuz I Feel Like It [Jun. 16th, 2006|06:51 am]
[Current Music |new regina]

the dictionary.com word of the day is "salad days."
salad days \salad days\, noun:
A time of youthful inexperience, innocence, or indiscretion.
ooh, "appropriate." so i actually realized that i didn't really want to update now, so i think i'm going to go take a shower or something.
uh, this was great. maybe i'll do more later (?)

hey, summer's pretty soon.

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We're All Going To Die, Or Just Talk To Satan A Lot [Jun. 6th, 2006|12:00 am]

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Why Not [May. 23rd, 2006|10:25 pm]
[Current Mood |wet]
[Current Music |when you were my baby - magnetic fields]

i feel these tunes right here. the first magnetic fields album--underrated? i think so. just thoughts.
some more thoughts. the year is coming to an end. i feel it. too bad i'm not doing as well as i'd like, and i stopped doing homework because i felt like it. oh hey, future, i'm totally opening the window for you to fly away!!! ha, NOT. maybe? eh.
another thought. i'd like to make incredible music. take that for whatever you'd like, but that's that. beautiful, outstanding, incredible music. bah it's great.
a few more thoughts. pudding may be a favorite thing of mine. an early memory: emma frank giving me pudding for my birthday at creative arts at park the summer before seventh grade. so much, and so little, has changed.
just one more, i promise. i realized in the shower that in the cha-cha slide, i always do the part "REVERSE REVERSE" the same way, no matter what the previous movement was. i always wiggle my arms and kind of tense up my shoulders while moving them slightly backwards, which i guess looks like going in "reverse." thinking about what that movement would look like going "forwards" is funny. hi-ho.

i guess i'll answer that interview thing that wes asked. i'm bad at asking questions, so none of you get to do it, i guess. go comment on wes's page.


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Instead Of Writing A Musing [May. 12th, 2006|12:02 am]
[Current Mood |a little sleepy]
[Current Music |björk's been on shuffle/repeat for 3 days now]

so i've been doing a lot of yoga lately. i love it. besides the classes i have at school on mondays and wednesdays (which i don't really count) i'm hopefully going to start to go to 2+ classes a week, or at least one at baptiste (which is hot yoga) and one in the inner space. i'm not very good, but that's a main reason for me to keep going. so that i get better, and more flexible (lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets).
after hot yoga on wednesday i realized that i should conform to everyone else and get ridiculously short exercise shorts, so i did. and they're grey. i realized after buying them that all my underwear are boxers, all of which are significantly longer than the shorts themselves. i begrudgingly went back and bought a pair of briefs so that i could wear the shorts to today's class, and i'm still wearing them now. it's a strange feeling. i haven't worn briefs since maybe the third or fourth grade, when i made the "mature" switch to boxers (of which at the time i had only one pair; they were light green with a bunch of little cartoon elephants next to each other, alternating from front view to rear view). the sensation was a little jarring at first, and constricting to say the least. i've definitely gotten used to it, and am considering making the switch. the least vulgar way to put it is that "everything" just feels "organized," and i'll leave it at that. i'm considering of ordering more pairs online because i'd be to embarrassed to go into the store and pick up 8 to 12 pairs of briefs.
it's nice that the only thing that i have a real problem with in my life has to do with school, and that'll be over so soon. i feel really lucky to not be down on my self all the time like i used to be, and if i am, i can just put things in perspective and feel better. i'm excited for new beginnings.
wouldn't it be funny if my senior quote was "PESSIMISM IS SO 1994"? the picture would be me against one of those blue backgrounds you take your elementary school pictures with one hand on the right side of my chin giving a toothless grin/smirk.
if the internet could become a living thing, and it had the ability to kill, i think i should die by it. it would be appropriate.

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Ten Things/More Than Ten Things [Mar. 14th, 2006|07:26 pm]
[Current Mood |awakecoffee in my hand (i wish)]
[Current Music |velvet underground live at max's kansas city]

-List ten things you want to say to people but you know you never will.
-Don't say who they are, use people only once.
-Tag at least 3 other people who you want to do this. (3 people who are reading this and haven't done it and feel like doing it)
don't be bothered if i don't tell you who these people areCollapse )
i tag: wes, anna, elizabeth (if they want to/have the time)

things have been strange for me, as i've been working on the play, yet i find that it hasn't been occupying my mind as much as it did before prelims. the wednesday knights won our day of semifinals in the battle of the bands, which is exciting, but stresses me out, because i want to be able to do something new and exciting for finals, but am not sure that this will happen. does eric even do livejournal anymore?
as the weather has gotten nicer, the my mood has improved, and the news that the quality of weather will decrease makes me feel not-so-hot.
i really like my new sweatshirt.

i don't have a whole lot to write about, kristin just tagged me, so i figured--why not?
see you all.

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